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Pentecost International Meal 2014
Rome Pilgrimage 2011
Flower Festival June 2011
Papal visit September 2010
Church ReDecoration 2009
Views from the tower
Church at Christmas
Church at Easter
Stations of the Cross 2009
Gala Day 2009
Fr Michael Glovers Ordination 14 Jul 12
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Altar under construction (Fr P) Cofton Park - night time lighting (PO) Peter Ormond at 0500! (PO)
Ilka and Bob (PO) By the route for the Pope mobile (SB) Church Banner (SB)
Waiting... (SB) Sunrise lighting (PO) Altar (JB)
Dawn breaks (PO) Papal chair (PO) The altar (SB)
BBC commentary box - Huw Edwards (PO) Daylight lighting (PO) Father Philip scans for his flock (PO)
'Green jackets'! (JB) Wet! (PO) Pope Benedict flies in (PO)
Papal arrival (PO) Pope mobile (JB) Pope Benedict in the Pope mobile (SB)
Pope mobile (JB) Pope Benedict XVI (Fr P) Pope Benedict's entrance (PO)
Choir (SB) During Mass (JB) Choir - with Pope on big screen (EM)
Bishop addresses Pope (SB) Pope beatifies JHN (EM) John Henry Newman has been Beatified (PO)
Gospel (EM) Credo (PO) At the altar (PO)
Choir - with Pope on big screen (JB) Having met the Pope (JB) Incensing the altar (PO)
Communion (PO) The blessing (PO) Father Philip and the servers (PO)
Priests (JB) Pope Bendict leaves the altar (PO) Heart speaks unto heart (PO)
Father Philip (PO) Seminarian Michael Glover (Fr P) Dispersing crowds (PO)
Flag waving (JB) Pilgrims (SB) The aftermath... (EM)
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